VyprVPN OpenVPN Setup for Linux (Ubuntu)

VyprVPN Free accounts are limited to using our Desktop and Mobile applications to connect to our VPN service. Please see “What is VyprVPN Free?” for more information.

Follow the steps below to configure OpenVPN on your Ubuntu machine. … Read more

Changing The Time Zone In Linux (Command Line)

There are several different ways to manage time in Linux. This quick tip will show you how to quickly change the local time to the correct time zone for the server. In this Linux tip I’ll show you how to … Read more

Linux: Setting the PATH so it applies to all users, including root/sudo

The instructions in How do I set PATH variables for all users on a server? work to set the PATH for all ‘normal’ users. However, if I do sudo -s and then printenv PATH the updated path is not shown. … Read more

How to Resolve Another app is currently holding the yum lock; waiting for it to exit…

I believe that some linux users, especially system administrators encountered this problem and get the message after issue the yum command:

Existing lock /var/run/yum.pid: another copy is running as pid [pid number].
Another app is currently holding the yum lock; 
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How to Fix 504 Gateway Timeout using Nginx

It is very common to see a 504 Gateway Timeout error using Nginx webserver. This timeout error is generated often by a number of reasons on the backend connection that is serving content. To fix 504 Gateway Time-out, you will … Read more

How do I test the SSL certificate on my website?

This free online service performs a deep analysis of the configuration of any SSL web server on the public Internet. Please note that the information you submit here is used only to provide you the service. We don’t use the Read more

Find out what websites are Built With

Use this website – https://builtwith.com/Read more

Windows 10 Disk Drive is running 100% utilization

Some steps to take:

  • In Services app, disable Superfetch and Microsoft Office Click-to-Run
  • Check bios – upgrade bios and turn off unnecessary features
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