The Best Way to Migrate a WordPress Website

Ideally, you’ll pick a hosting provider that’s so good you won’t ever need to move your website. However, not all hosting providers offer the same level or quality of service. If you choose the wrong one, you may have to move your WordPress site at some point. Fortunately, migrating your site isn’t as complex as … Read more

How to show hidden files in FTP

Some FTP programs don’t show hidden files such as .htaccess files by default. This guide will show how to show these files in the FTP clients Filezilla and WinSCP. Please Note: Files are normally hidden for a reason and editing them can break things. Please be sure you know which files you are editing and if unsure, seek advice … Read more

How Cloudflare works

Fundamentally, Cloudflare is a large network of servers that can improve the security, performance, and reliability of anything connected to the Internet. Cloudflare does this by serving as a reverse proxy for your web traffic. All requests to and from your origin flow through Cloudflare and — as these requests pass through our network — we can apply various … Read more

DNSSEC – What Is It and Why Is It Important?

A brief description of how DNS works To understand Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC), it helps to have a basic understanding of the Domain Name System (DNS). The proper functioning of the Internet is critically dependent on the DNS . Every web page visited, every email sent, every picture retrieved from a social media: all those interactions use the DNS to translate human-friendly domain names (such … Read more

Transfer your domain to Cloudflare

Transferring your domain to Cloudflare tells your registry that a different registrar can now set those authoritative records for you. The relationship is based on trust. Registries only trust one registrar at any given time to make changes on your behalf. Transferring a domain to a new registrar informs the registry that they should instead … Read more

FIX: 0x80070643 Windows 10 Update Error (Solved)

This tutorial contains step-by-step instructions to resolve the error 0x80070643 in Windows 10 update: “There were some problems installing updates, but we’ll try again later. If you keep seeing this and want to search the web or contact support for information, this may help: (0x80070643)”. The Error 0x80070643 in Windows 10 Update, usually occurs if … Read more

How to find Which CDN is Used in a Website?

CDN (Content Delivery Network) is one of the essential performance optimization components for any website. It accelerates content delivery by serving the request from the nearest locations of the users. One of the frequent questions I receive is how to find out what CDN is used on a particular site? We all love curiosity. Isn’t it? Previously, I … Read more

How to Clear RDP Connections History in Windows?

The built-in Windows Remote Desktop Connection (RDP) client (mstsc.exe) saves the remote computer name (or IP address) and the username that is used to login after each successful connection to the remote computer. On the next start, the RDP client offers the user to select one of the connections that was used previously. The user … Read more