Ubuntu 13.10 How to install Canon Pixma MX452

1) Download this – http://support-sg.canon-asia.com/contents/SG/EN/0100515301.html

2) Extract and copy directory to Desktop

3) Open Terminal and type “cd Desktop”

4) Type “cd cnijfilter-mx450series-3.90-1-deb”

5) Type “chmod +x install.sh”

6) To run install.sh script, type “./install.sh”

7) Plug in printer to USB and follow prompts.

Windows XP: Launch the Add Printer Wizard from the Command Line

Why would anyone want to launch the Add Printer Wizard from the command line? Wouldn’t it be easier to just click Start –> Control Panel –> Printers and Faxes –> Add a printer? Well, not if you’re logged in as a user without administrative privileges, and you can’t click Start –> Log Off –> Switch User and log in as Administrator because you’ve hidden the Administrator from being displayed in the Welcome Page, and pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del twice in the Welcome Page doesn’t seem to work.

So, what you do, is to click Start –> All Programs –> Accessories, then right-click Command Prompt, select Run as…, select “The following user” radio button, and key in the Administrator password. Then, at the command prompt, type:

rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /il

(PrintUIEntry is case sensitive)

And you’re on your way.

Changing your Mac’s Computer Name

Someone recently asked me how to change their Mac’s computer name because they were annoyed by the extra lengthy default in the ‘Computer Name’ screensaver. Although this individual was concerned about their screensaver, changing your Mac’s name is also important because that is how others will find you on a network, and it’s also what you will see by default in the OS X command line. Most of you probably know how to change their computer name already, but for those who don’t here is how.
Changing your Mac’s computer name:

  • Launch ‘System Preferences’
  • Click the ‘Sharing’ icon
  • Type in what you want your Mac’s new computer name to be
  • Close ‘System Preferences’ – it’s that easy

Name your Mac whatever you want, but you’ll want to keep it distinguishable from other Mac’s on your network. As mentioned earlier, this is also what you will see in the remarkably basic “Computer Name” screensaver.

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