How To Use a USB Stick To Securely Log In to Gmail

If you’ve configured two-step verification for your Gmail account, rather than checking your mobile for codes you can plug in a verified USB stick instead. You can carry it wherever you go, and of course, it doesn’t lose battery or … Read more

How to Build Your Own Amazon Echo with a Raspberry Pi

The Amazon Echo is useful to have around the home. It can play podcasts, take reminders and notes, tell you the length of your commute, even control other appliances in your house. But at prices ranging from $50 to $150, … Read more

How to Upload Google Photos and Create Public Albums

1) Open browser and go to and login using your Gmail or G Suite (Google Apps) account. Click the cloud icon (see red box) in the upper right corner.


2) After the photos finish uploading, choose “Shared Album” and … Read more

SD Card Reformat on a Mac Computer

What are you trying to do?

Format an SD card in Windows

Where does it apply?

  • Mac OS X

How to do it

Here is a link that shows you how to reformat an SD card (or MicroSD card) on … Read more

How to burn .iso to USB drive

CD/DVD drives have gone obsolete and USB drives have become more popular and cheaper now. Thats the reason we prefer to use USB drives instead of CD or DVD to install a new system. 
There are many utilities available which … Read more

How to write an image file to an SD card under Mac OS X (for Raspberry Pi)

Find the SD card device

In this case, the SD card is /dev/disk4. DO NOT get this wrong or you may destroy all the data on the wrong disk/card/drive.

diskutil list

   #:                       TYPE NAME                    SIZE       IDENTIFIER
   0:      GUID_partition_scheme                        
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How to install Android 5.1 on a NOOK HD or NOOK HD+

The Barnes & Noble NOOK HD and HD+ were released in 2012, and the tablets offered high-resolution displays, dual-core processors, and microSD card slots, among other features. But they weren’t hugely successful for B&N, and the NOOK HD and HD+ … Read more

Ubuntu apt-get unable to fetch packages

This is linked to using a non LTS version of ubuntu called an End of life version. As those have discontinued support. You can check if your ubuntu lies in the end of life version on this link – more