Getting Credentials File in the boto.cfg for Python

“You can place this file either at /etc/boto.cfg for system-wide use or in the home directory of the user executing the commands as ~/.boto.”

The former simply means that you might create a configuration file named boto.cfg within directory /etcRead more

Boto3 Credentials

Boto can be configured in multiple ways. Regardless of the source or sources that you choose, you musthave AWS credentials and a region set in order to make requests.

Interactive Configuration

If you have the AWS CLI, then

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Boto Config


There is a growing list of configuration options for the boto library. Many of these options can be passed into the constructors for top-level objects such as connections. Some options, such as credentials, can also be read from environment

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Securely Connect to Linux Instances Running in a Private Amazon VPC

Important note: You should enable SSH agent forwarding with caution. When you set up agent forwarding, a socket file is created on the forwarding host, which is the mechanism by which the key can be forwarded to your destination. Another … Read more


Enable SSH Agent forwarding in window and Linux


SSH agent forwarding allow you once you’ve SSHed into a machine to continue and SSH from it, to the other  machine, with the same key.

How to enable ssh agent forwarding in Putty

  • Open PuTTY
  • Under “Connection” -> “SSH”
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How to configure cron jobs to run python script

Just use crontab -e and follow the tutorial here:

Look at point 3 for a guide on how to specify the frequency.

Based on your requirement, it should effectively be:

*/10 * * * * /usr/bin/python
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SUDO resets path and environment variables

Sudo resets PATH, along with many other environment variables, for security reasons. It doesn’t matter what is set in /etc/profile, unless you run sudo -i.

The sudo manual page, under SECURITY NOTES, gives an insight about the security implications, along … Read more