How to stop Windows 10 asking me to change my password

Windows 10 keeps asking me to change my password every 30 days or so and it a pain cos everytime I change it I have log backing into my sheares on the network that my devices are using and put … Read more

Windows 10 asks for a password reset upon every login attempt to the machine, there is no password set. (local PC user account)

I have a new Windows 10 machine that is a fresh install. This machine has a single local user account with no password set. Each time the PC locks, or is restarted we hit ENTER to login (blank password) it … Read more

AWS: Alternate Sign In for Two-Step Verification

Some Amazon devices and apps won’t display a separate page for you to enter your unique security code for Two-Step Verification. You will still need to enter the security code in addition to your password.

Two-Step Verification is a feature … Read more

How To Fix Rats WebGL Hit A Snag Error

Have you had this problem: “Rats! WebGL hit a snag.” Usually, you get this message in the error bar on Google Chrome. So what is it all about? Before we tell you about it, let’s understand a little about WebGL. … Read more

How To Upgrade Ubuntu To 18.04 LTS Bionic Beaver

Run your Ubuntu Update

Before you do anything, make sure that your system is already up-to-date. Run a full Ubuntu update and upgrade with Apt.

$ sudo apt update 
$ sudo apt upgrade
$ sudo apt dist-upgrade

This will help … Read more

Ubuntu: videos are not playing

sudo apt install ffmpeg

Restart firefox, and all good 🙂

Still doesn’t work on Chromium though, oh well.… Read more

How do I install Slack from the command line

Slack for Linux brings all the features you find in your browser, plus support for multiple workspaces, right to your desktop.

Note: Slack for Linux is in beta. We’re still busy adding features and making adjustments to the app.


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Ubuntu update error “waiting for unattended-upgr to exit ”

  1. Stop the automatic updater.
    sudo dpkg-reconfigure -plow unattended-upgrades

    At the first prompt, choose not to download and install updates.
    Make a reboot.

  2. Make sure any packages in an unclean state are installed correctly.
    sudo dpkg --configure -a
  3. Get your system
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