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Using for Remote Access to a Home PC with a dynamic IP

I just tried this service and it works pretty well. You need to install a little application on both the server at home and the machine you are trying to connect from, but if you haven’t tried it, give it … Read more

Using Terminal Server Client (Remote Desktop) in Ubuntu to Connect to Vista PC

Go to Applications > Internet > Terminal Server Client to launch application. Important tip: Enter IP address (server name didn’t seem to work) and select RDP as the protocol. … Read more

How to Turn on / Enable Remote Desktop in Vista

Remote Desktop is disabled by default in Windows Vista, but it’s easy enough to turn it back on. If you need to access your Vista PC from another box, it’s an essential thing to turn on.

To get to the

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How to Completely Remove Windows Sharepoint Services 2.0 (WSS) so that you can reinstall in Server Farm Mode

You may have installed WSS 2.0 using the default configuration only to find out later that to use this for TFS 2005, you need to install it using Server Farm mode.

When you use the Add or Remove Programs control Read more

Steps to Install Team Foundation Server 2005

Microsoft Team
Foundation Server
is a ridiculously arduous
and difficult process. I’ll spare you my own complaints and simply list the checklist for installing this beast.
This assumes you’re installing TFS
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Problems with Installing SQL Server 2005 SP2 + Latest SQL Security Update

Many, many people have complained about having difficulty installing SQL 2005 SP2.  I got it half installed (it failed on certain services and it failed entirely with the first security update after SQL SP2.

I tried a bunch of things … Read more

How to Troubleshoot Microsoft Windows Update Failures

By default, the Windows Update client records all transaction information to the following log file:

If you receive an error message on the Microsoft Windows Update Web site or from the Automatic Updates service, you can use the information … Read more

How to Grant User Access to SQL Server Reporting Server / Services

Here are the setup instructions –… Read more