How to Clean Your Blackberry Trackball

I read a lot of articles where BlackBerry users complained about their BlackBerry’s trackball (aka pearl – which gave the Pearl its name) doesn’t want to move to a direction anymore. To be honest, this is something I was afraid of when I first heard RIM will replace the BlackBerry’s trackwheel with a trackball. You … Read more

Blackberry Desktop Manager for Mac Sync Error

A sync error occurred. Please retry the sync. What to do? Well… first backup everything you can. Backup the data on the blackberry and also the data you are syncing against (such as your address book or calendar). Then, reset your sync services on the Mac. Do you have a Sync Icon? Yes Sweet! Go … Read more

How to update your Blackberry OS

Install the latest Desktop Manager to match the OS you want to install (i.e. Desktop Manager 4.5 with OS 4.5).  Connect Blackberry and then go to this site to run update while blackberry is connected –