Getting Credentials File in the boto.cfg for Python

“You can place this file either at /etc/boto.cfg for system-wide use or in the home directory of the user executing the commands as ~/.boto.” The former simply means that you might create a configuration file named boto.cfg within directory /etc (i.e. it won’t necessarily be there already, depending on how boto has been installed on your particular system). The latter is … Read more

Boto3 Credentials

Boto can be configured in multiple ways. Regardless of the source or sources that you choose, you musthave AWS credentials and a region set in order to make requests. Interactive Configuration If you have the AWS CLI, then you can use its interactive configure command to set up your credentials and default region: aws configure Follow the prompts and … Read more

Boto Config

Introduction There is a growing list of configuration options for the boto library. Many of these options can be passed into the constructors for top-level objects such as connections. Some options, such as credentials, can also be read from environment variables (e.g. AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY). But there is no central place to manage these options. So, the development … Read more