How to install Sublime Text editor on Ubuntu 20.04

How to install Sublime Text editor on Ubuntu 20.04 step by step instructions Method 1 The first, easiest and recommend method is to install sublime text editor from Ubuntu snap repository. Execute the bellow command to install the Sublime text editor on your Ubuntu 20.04 system: $ sudo snap install sublime-text –classic To upgrade Sublime text editor … Read more

How do you configure the PATH variable

Motivation Consider the following UNIX terminal session: [email protected][~]$ ls … When you type the command ls, the shell dutifully executes the command and returns the results to you. During the course of a terminal session, you type more commands. These include things like emacs, firefox, so on and so forth. But where do these commands come from? Obviously, … Read more

How to Setup Apple Wireless Keyboard on Ubuntu

How to pair Apple Wireless keyboard with Ubuntu PC? When being paired through Ubuntu’s bluetooth GUI app, Apple Wireless keyboard will probably play dead, even if bluetooth manager says that its been successful connected. The other possible scenario is that it will prompt for pairing key but typing on a keyboard does nothing. Even if … Read more