Ubuntu 18.04: Set up for HP 8440p

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Ubuntu 18.04: Getting nvidia to work on HP 8440p

Cuda not needed – https://developer.nvidia.com/cuda-zone # Instructions for 4.14 and cuda 9.1 # If upgrading from 4.13 and cuda 9.0 $ sudo apt-get purge –auto-remove libcud* $ sudo apt-get purge –auto-remove cuda* $ sudo apt-get purge –auto-remove nvidia* # also remove the container directory direcotory at /usr/local/cuda-9.0/ # Important libs required with 4.14.x with Cuda … Read moreUbuntu 18.04: Getting nvidia to work on HP 8440p

Permission denied in Postgres

I added the user myuserto Postgres. Then I added the database mydatabase in the pgAdmin III GUI and restored from a backup file. So the owner of mydatabase is the superuser postgres. Then I tried to give all rights to access and modify mydatabase to myuser. I logged into psql as user postgres: psql -d template1 -U postgres and then I ran this query: GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES … Read morePermission denied in Postgres

How To Configure Custom Connection Options for your SSH Client

Introduction SSH, or secure shell, is the most common way of connecting to Linux hosts for remote administration. Although the basics of connecting to a single host are often rather straight forward, this can become unwieldy and a much more complicated task when you begin working with a large number of remote systems. Fortunately, OpenSSH … Read moreHow To Configure Custom Connection Options for your SSH Client

Ubuntu: Failed to start Nvidia Persistence Daemon

The nvidia-persistenced group/user is created by the install script in the nvidia-utils package (or equivalent if you use one from the AUR). Reinstalling nvidia-utils will recreate the needed nvidia-persistenced group/user. Without reinstalling you can directly run both commands referenced in the link: sudo getent group nvidia-persistenced &>/dev/null || groupadd -g 143 nvidia-persistenced sudo getent passwd nvidia-persistenced &>/dev/null … Read moreUbuntu: Failed to start Nvidia Persistence Daemon

ssh: how to fix warning about ECDSA host key

I’m trying to setup password-less SSH on an Ubuntu server with ssh-copy-id myuser@myserver, but I’m getting the error: Warning: the ECDSA host key for ‘myserver’ differs from the key for the IP address ‘’ What’s causing this, and how do I fix it? Remove the cached key for on the local machine: ssh-keygen -R

How to Manage File and Folder Permissions in Linux

For many users of Linux, getting used to file permissions and ownership can be a bit of a challenge. It is commonly assumed, to get into this level of usage, the command line is a must. Although there is always far more power and flexibility to be had, running seemingly complicated command isn’t alwaysa necessity. With … Read moreHow to Manage File and Folder Permissions in Linux