Google Tool Moves Microsoft Outlook Data to Google Apps

Google May 26 released Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Outlook to help Outlook workers shuttle their e-mail, calendar and contact data from Outlook profiles, PST files and Exchange accounts to Google Apps. The offering is just the latest blow between Google and Microsoft in the competitive market for cloud computing collaboration software, which include IBM, Cisco Systems and several smaller players.

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Exchange 2007 Server Roles

With the recently released Beta 2 of Microsoft® Exchange Server 2007 (formerly code-named “Exchange 12”), you will be able to install Exchange 2007 and experience the newly re-engineered technologies, features, and services that have been added into the Microsoft Exchange product line. I will explain the Exchange 2007 server roles and show you how Exchange … Read more

Exchange 2003 Server Roles

The Windows Server 2003 Security Guide recommends an organizational unit structure that allows you to easily adopt the security templates supplied with that guide. Because Exchange 2003 is a directory-enabled application, the Windows Server 2003 organizational unit structure can be easily extended to incorporate the new server roles defined in this section. Within the Member Servers organizational unit, … Read more

Exchange 2003 Recipient Update Service (RUS)

Exchange uses the Recipient Update Service primarily to generate and update default and customized address lists, and to process changes made to recipient policies. This service makes sure that when new recipient policies or address lists are created, their content is applied to the appropriate recipients in the organization. The Recipient Update Service also applies … Read more

How do I install Exchange Management Console 2007?

First, you need to determine if your client machine that you will be using to connect to Exchange 2007 server is 32-bit or 64-bit. To download the 32-bit tool, you can go here — Then go through the normal install as if you are going to install the Exchange 2007 Server — make sure … Read more

Outlook 2007 Mail Client Cannot Send Mails (SMTP) with Exchange 2007

I have a user who is connecting from outside the office and he can receive email but not send email.

Most people these days are switching to Outlook Anywhere (RPC over HTTP), Outlook Web Access, or Exchange ActiveSync because they provide a richer client experience than POP or IMAP. Certainly, I use these methods when I am not at my primary corporate desktop machine. However, there are still those who are in the world of *nix or who have a client or phone that only supports POP or IMAP protocols.

Configuring Exchange 2007 for POP3 and IMAP4 clients is a little more complicated than in previous releases. The two major reasons are the introduction of server roles and the current lack of GUI for POP3 & IMAP4.  The complications imposed by lack of a GUI should be solved in Service Pack 1.  In this post, I will help you get up and running with POP3 & IMAP4 by helping you to configure the Exchange 2007 server and a sample client.

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