Why Use Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration?

You might want to use Transfer Acceleration on a bucket for various reasons, including the following: You have customers that upload to a centralized bucket from all over the world. You transfer gigabytes to terabytes of data on a regular basis across continents. You are unable to utilize all of your available bandwidth over the … Read more

Install AWS Command Line Interface (CLI) on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

AWS CLI or Amazon Web ServiceCommand Line Interface is a command line tool for managing and administering your Amazon Web Services. AWSCLI provides direct access to the public API (Application Programming Interface) of Amazon Web Services. Since it’s a command line tool, you can also use it to create scripts for automating your Amazon Web Services. In this article, I will show … Read more

How do I connect to my WorkSpace using RDP?

Issue I can’t connect to my WorkSpace by using the Amazon WorkSpaces client—how do I connect to my WorkSpace by using a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) client? Resolution Normally, you should connect to your WorkSpace by using the WorkSpaces client, but you might need to connect to a WorkSpace by using an RDP client for … Read more

Bitnami WordPress on AWS: Optimize WordPress

Web application performance problems are not easy to fix properly. The responsiveness of your application at a given moment depends on many factors: the application code, installed plugins, AWS load, server type, caching mechanism, etc. The most common reason for performance issues is lack of any caching. Turning it on, which for most Bitnami stacks … Read more

Bitnami WordPress on AWS: I unable to restart Apache

[IMPORTANT, please fill the questions] Application name and version:WordPress. The latest versionIs it an installer, cloud image or virtual machine?: AWSOperative system/Platform (Linux, Windows, OSX)(x86/x64):OSXWas it installed as the root user?Is there anything you’ve done and/or tried with the application before posting here?E.g. changed permissions or installed a plugin: I tried to restart apache and got … Read more

Bitnami WordPress on AWS: Start Or Stop Services

Each Bitnami stack includes a control script that lets you easily stop, start and restart services. The script is located at /opt/bitnami/ctlscript.sh. Obtain the status of a service with the service bitnami status command: Call it without any service name arguments to start all services: Or use it to restart a single service, such as Apache only, by … Read more

Bitnami WordPress on AWS: Troubleshoot WordPress Issues

Introduction WordPress is one of the most popular open source Content Management Systems (CMS). In this how-to guide, you will learn how Bitnami configures WordPress, what the common issues are and how to address them. Configuration Bitnami offers two flavors: WordPress (for a single blog) and WordPress Multisite (for multiple blogs). Both are configured as follows: Bundled Main Components … Read more