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Some considerations when using Postini’s inbound filtering only

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How to enable Client for Microsoft Networks in Windows 2008

After dissolving Teaming Mode on my dual NIC setup, I was unable to enable Client for Microsoft Networks.

On Windows 2008 server, click LAN connection #1 and press the Alt key — this will pull up a menu on top … Read more

Things to try if your Outlook 2007 are frequently getting password prompts when connected to Exchange 2007 running on Windows 2008

Tip #1: Disable IPv6
IPv6 needs to be disabled on the server side if you are running Windows 2008.

1) Uncheck IPv6 in TCP/IP.
2) Start > Run type "drivers".  Go to etc folder.  Open hosts file in notepad.  Put … Read more

Global catalog server and domain controller list on Exchange Management Console 2007 keep disappearing

Check to see that in your server Services that the "Microsoft Exchange System Attendant" is running.

Also, disable Teaming Mode for your dual NIC cards.… Read more

Troubleshooting Send/Receive Hang Issue when downloading Offline Address Book (OAB)

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Net Mon Tool to Troubleshoot Exchange 2007 Issues

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How to Force Outlook 2007 to Connect to Exchange Using a Particular Global Catalog Server

How to set the closest global catalog server

Use the following steps to force Outlook to identify and use the
closest global catalog server.

  1. Click Start, and then click Run.
  2. In the Open box, type regedit.exe, and
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Bypassed Senders and Sender Domains: The Whitelist

The good news is— Exchange Server 2007’s shiny new Content Filter Agent
(or IMF v3 if you will) has whitelists! You can add SMTP addresses and
domains to the Content Filter configuration, and have messages from
these senders and domains … Read more