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Why does Google Maps print out very small maps?

Check your browser’s page setup.  Mine was set at 30% scale. (I hadn’t made the change myself.) Anyway, if you got to File > Page setup > Format, you can reset your scale to 100%. Your maps should then print … Read more

How do I filter and keep all starred messages at the top of my Inbox in Gmail and Google Apps?

The Gmail team at Google has been busy lately, haven’t they?

Last week, Google introduced the Multiple Inboxes Lab, which works for both and Google Apps addresses. This lets you sub-divide your inbox into multiple views; check out Simon’s … Read more

Google Tool Moves Microsoft Outlook Data to Google Apps

Google May 26 released Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Outlook to help Outlook workers shuttle their e-mail, calendar and contact data from Outlook profiles, PST files and Exchange accounts to Google Apps. The offering is just the latest blow between … Read more