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Dell T3400 Nvidia Quadro NVS 290 drivers for Windows 10

To utilize dual monitors, first you need to buy this splitter.

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Windows 10 Disk Drive is running 100% utilization

Some steps to take:

  • In Services app, disable Superfetch and Microsoft Office Click-to-Run
  • Check bios – upgrade bios and turn off unnecessary features
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CrossOver runs your Windows apps on Mac or Linux computers

No matter where you fall on the Windows vs. Mac vs. Linux debate, one thing remains true: you shouldn’t be forced to limit yourself to just one operating system. Of course, there are workarounds, like running a virtual machine, but

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Securely Connect to Linux Instances Running in a Private Amazon VPC

Important note: You should enable SSH agent forwarding with caution. When you set up agent forwarding, a socket file is created on the forwarding host, which is the mechanism by which the key can be forwarded to your destination. Another … Read more


Enable SSH Agent forwarding in window and Linux


SSH agent forwarding allow you once you’ve SSHed into a machine to continue and SSH from it, to the other  machine, with the same key.

How to enable ssh agent forwarding in Putty

  • Open PuTTY
  • Under “Connection” -> “SSH”
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What is Microsoft Office Click-to-Run and can I uninstall it?

I’ll give you the basic idea of what exactly is Microsoft office Click-to-Run. For detailed explanation follow the link Overview of Click-to-Run.

  • Click-to-Run is a Microsoft streaming and virtualization technology that reduces the time that is required to install
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Task Manager might show 100% disk utilization on Windows 10 devices with Message Signaled Interrupt (MSI) mode enabled


Task Manager shows the disk to be at 100% utilization despite a light or no workload, and the system may experience lag or become unresponsive. In addition, the system event log contains numerous events with Event ID 129, which … Read more