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screenshot-2016-11-16-at-12-45-52-pmIt looks like the Chrome OS developers are sneaking updates for the Play Store into more Chromebooks. Likely added in the latest Beta Channel update, we are seeing multiple devices with Android App support in Beta via a quick little … Read more

How to Enable Developer Mode on Your Chromebook

Put your Chromebook into “Developer Mode” and you’ll get full root access, including the ability to modify your Chromebook’s system files. This is often used to install a full Linux system with something like Crouton.

Developer Mode has other … Read more

Chromebooks that can run Android apps from Google Play

Android — and 1,000,000+ apps — on your Chromebook is awesome.

But not every Chromebook is going to get updated to have Google Play and Android apps. And most of the ones that will are in a long testing process.… Read more

10+ Commands Included In Chrome OS’s Hidden Crosh Shell


Google’s Chrome OS includes a shell environment known as Chrome Shell, or “crosh” for short. Crosh includes several terminal commands that can be used on all Chromebooks, even if developer mode isn’t enabled.

Crosh includes commands for connecting to SSH … Read more