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Best way to deal with archiving email on Exchange 2007 – .ost and .pst files

Outlook users will be familiar with the PST file extension. This is
a Microsoft Outlook Storage file, where all your email information, as
well as your calendars and contacts are stored. In older versions of
Outlook (Outlook 97 through Outlook … Read more

Changing the Primary Email Address in Exchange 2007

Sometimes you need to assign more then one email address
to one object (user or group) from various reasons and make this new
email address the default email address (this is email address that the
recipient side will see and
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Sonicwall NAT Policy + Firewall Rules needed to forward SMTP traffic to Exchange 2007 mail server

First, you need to create 2 Address Objects. one which corresponds to the public IP of the Exchange 2007 server and one that corresponds to the private IP.

For NAT policy, you have to add 2 rules that are mirror … Read more