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Creating Password Protected Pages and Areas in WordPress

I had a client recently who needed to create private, password-protected sections on her WordPress site. She wanted each of her clients to have a private page with information related to what they were working on together. Easy! Password-protection is … Read more

Debugging Soliloquy

WordPress has a lot of Plugins and Themes, no two websites are exactly alike. Due to the various customizations that every website has, there is now way to shelter Soliloquy from conflicts completely.

We’re always working to improve Soliloquy’s compatibility … Read more

WordPress: How to deactivate all plugins when not able to access the administrative menus?

Sometimes it may be necessary to deactivate all plugins, but you can’t access the administrative menus to do so. One of two methods are available to deactivate all plugins.

Use phpMyAdmin to deactivate all plugins.

  1. In the table wp_options, under
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When you first install WordPress, you’re limited to one domain. WordPress Multisite lets you use multiple domains, with one single WordPress install. This means that when you login to your WordPress Dashboard, you can manage all your sites from one … Read more

WordPress Canvas Theme: Hide “Author” and date posted on events page

Paste this code into your style.css –

.post-meta {display:none; }

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At WP Engine, there’s no confusing caching plugins

Other so-called “Managed” WordPress hosting companies say they’ll make your page fast, then leave it to you to find and configure complicated page- and database-caching plugins with 100 options. We think “managed” means you shouldn’t have to figure all that … Read more

A Few Key Tips When Editing (or Creating) a WordPress Post or Page

To Edit/Create a WordPress Post

1) Login to your admin site by opening up a browser tab and adding “/wp-admin” to the end of your company URL — i.e.

2) You should be seeing the admin site with the … Read more

How do I embed a vimeo video in wordpress (hosted wordpress) now allows for a new syntax —


switch to HTML tab, then

[vimeo 18383012] … Read more