You may have installed WSS 2.0 using the default configuration only to find out later that to use this for TFS 2005, you need to install it using Server Farm mode.

When you use the Add or Remove Programs control panel to remove Windows
SharePoint Services from a server, it calls a command-line operation, stsadm
-o uninstall
, to perform the task.

The uninstall operation does not
remove any chained products that were installed. The uninstall operation
takes the optional -deletecontent parameter. When uninstall is
used without the -deletecontent parameter, it leaves the content and
configuration databases in place, so that Windows SharePoint Services can be
reinstalled, and you can reconnect to the databases and continue hosting sites.

When the -deletecontent parameter is used, the content and configuration
databases are removed, and you cannot recover the site content.

Go to
stsadm.exe utility located at the following path: %drive%program
filescommon filesmicrosoft sharedweb server extensions60bin

For command line parameters go to –

From Add/Remove Programs, don’t forget to uninstall Microsoft SQL Desktop Engine (Sharepoint).