These are a bunch of tools that we investigated this week that we will be running on a weekly basis to give us better insight into our network to ensure high performance and minimize antivirus/spyware/intrusion threats.

Antivirus Software
NOD32 Server – for centralized management of virus scans and updates
Free online scanner for VMs –

Network Performance/Monitoring Tools
Wireshark 1.1
Free Network protocol analyzer/sniffer;rbxcrd

The Dude 3.0
Real-time network scanner, produces network map, shows graph of all traffic

Advanced Port Scanner 1.3
Good tool to see what ports are open so that we can identify possible viruses, spyware and trojans

Graphical tracert tool

Misc Websites
Bandwidth Monitoring Site
Measures download/upload speeds for internet connectivity

DNS Scanning Website
Identifies errors with DNS and other free tools to measure network latency, website errors, etc.

Firewall Logs
Weekly checks to see if there is anything unusual being recorded on all of our corporate firewalls.