To export the SSL certificate, please follow steps below:

1. Log into Server using Microsoft Terminal Service. (This require
Administrator Access, you might want to have your host done this for
2. Click "Start" > "Run" and type "mmc"
3. A new console will open.
4. Goto "Console" > Add Remove Snap-In
5. Click "Add" > "Certificates" > "Add" > "Computer Account" > "Local Computer" > Finish
6. Expand the Console Root > Personal > Certificates
7. You will see your certificate listed there
8. Right Click on your certificate > All Task > Export
9. Export Private Key, you will have to enter a password to password protect the Private Key
10. Specify a path and file name you want to export the certificate to
11. Click Finish to complete

Once you have successfully export the Certificate and Private Key,
please upload the Private Key to this helpdesk as well as the password
to open the private key.