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– NEW: script repository

– NEW: community on spiceworks (requires registration)

– What’s New in Powershell 2.0

– TechNet Script Center

– running windows powershell scripts

– Execution Policies

– find large space consuming folders on your system

– delete all the subfolders of a folder

– list the files in a diretory using windows powershell

– list network shares

– show partition free space on remote server

– list the last install date and time for windows updates on servers

– backup folder to server

– there are bunch of scripts if we want to consider WSUS to centrally manage updates

– creating VMs with answer file (for microsoft server)

– backup system state

– list events from the event logs

– retrieve status of SQL server jobs

– list network config info for a remote computer

– list VMs

– create VMs (for microsoft server)

– win 2009 servermanagercmd + powershell