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Here is the list:

  • Advanced Task Killer – task manager to kill running apps
  • gTasks – syncs w/ google tasks
  • Astro – file manager
  • Find Starbucks – what can I say, I am addicted
  • Movies (Flickster) – movie showtimes with movie reviews from rotten tomatoes
  • OSMonitor – displays and allows you to kill running processes
  • Network Discovery – network monitoring tool
  • Pandora – streaming music
  • Shazam – it can identify the song you are listening to
  • Google Voice – shows you written transcript of your voicemails
  • Where – shows relevant spots by category based on your GPS location
  • ToggleWifi – one-click to turn wifi on/off
  • Wifi Analyzer – shows you all nearby wireless networks and what channel it is running on so that you can optimize your own wireless signal
  • WordPress – self-explanatory
  • Yelp – reviews of restaurants, among other things, by city/zipcode