It’s been anticipated for a while now; Verizon just officially released information on the specifics of what Verizon Droidowners will have to look forward to in the upcoming Android 2.1 update.

The update will be performed over the air and will bump up the Droid to the more current version of the AndroidAndroid mobile operating system. New features will include pinch-to-zoom multi-touch support in the browser, Gallery, and Google MapsGoogle Maps, the Weather and Newsnews widgets made popular on the Nexus One, voice-to-text entry, a new 3D Gallery layout for photos, and even a nice surprise that most people thought wouldn’t make it to the Droid: Live Wallpapers.

You can download the full informational PDF here.

Engadget reports that leaked internal documentation reveals the Android 2.1 update will begin rolling out tomorrow, Thursday March 18, in batches of 250,000 customers at a time. In other words, Droid owners should not have long to wait to start enjoying some of the niceties their Nexus One counterparts have made them jealous over in the past few months.

If you’re a Droid owner, what are you most excited about in Android 2.1?