Why would anyone want to launch the Add Printer Wizard from the command line? Wouldn’t it be easier to just click Start –> Control Panel –> Printers and Faxes –> Add a printer? Well, not if you’re logged in as a user without administrative privileges, and you can’t click Start –> Log Off –> Switch User and log in as Administrator because you’ve hidden the Administrator from being displayed in the Welcome Page, and pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del twice in the Welcome Page doesn’t seem to work.

So, what you do, is to click Start –> All Programs –> Accessories, then right-click Command Prompt, select Run as…, select “The following user” radio button, and key in the Administrator password. Then, at the command prompt, type:

rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /il

(PrintUIEntry is case sensitive)

And you’re on your way.