Note: This tutorial assumes that you already have access to an HTML editor capable of recognizing “.hbs” files. If you do not have an HTML editor, there are several free options, such as Brackets.

Download a copy of Casper

To start, grab a copy the latest version of Casper, the default theme pre-installed with Ghost.

Extract the theme files

Extract the theme folder from the compressed file to a location on your computer that you can work from.

Extract Casper theme

Open the theme’s default.hbs file

Once you’ve extracted, find and open the default.hbs file in your HTML editor.

Open file

Locate the copyright information code

Now that you’ve opened the default.hbs file, scroll down towards the bottom of the file. You should see a piece of code that looks similar to this:

Copyright code

Update the code

Once you’ve located the copyright code, you can edit and format it (or delete it entirely) to suit your needs. For example, you may want to remove the link to Ghost, or remove your RSS information. Anything you change here will update across the bottom of your entire website.

Save your default.hbs file

After you’ve updated your copyright information, save the file.

Save theme file

Upload your theme

Now that you’ve saved your theme, you can then upload it to your blog. Once uploaded, your new copyright notice information will be reflected immediately.