Q: I have recently upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1 using the Media Creation Tool link found on the Microsoft website. I did not receive updates while using Windows 8.1, they had been “disabled by the administrator”, even though I was the local administrator. Now every time i try to check for updates in the system settings, it fails and gives me this error code (0x8024002e). I was hoping the update would fix this issue, but now that i know it didn’t, my PC is vulnerable to malware and I will be missing out on new content and updates. The problem occurs on my ASUS S400CA laptop running a 64-bit version of Windows 10 Home. Please help me.

1. Open Registry Editor and find key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwarePoliciesMicrosoftWindowsWindowsUpdate
2. If value for DisableWindowsUpdateAccess is 1, modify it to 0.
3. Restart Windows Update service
4. Retry Windows Update
5. Voila! WU is working!