When you first install WordPress, you’re limited to one domain. WordPress Multisite lets you use multiple domains, with one single WordPress install. This means that when you login to your WordPress Dashboard, you can manage all your sites from one admin page. There is no need to login to each individual dashboard.

You still have administrators, but with WordPress Multisite, you have the new concept of  a “Network Admin”, which is basically the account that has access to every site. Administrators only have admin access to their individual site.

Since WordPress Multisite is based on a single install, all resources are shared. Every site uses the same database. Every site has access to the plugins, and theme folder.

How do I install Multisite?
WordPress Multisite is NOT a plugin. It’s already built into WordPress. You just need to switch it on. Since we have special configurations, all you need to do is request that we enable multi-site, via 24/7 Live Chat from your User Portal.

Why would I want this?

  • You only need to login once.
  • When a new version of WordPress comes out, you only need to update once (as opposed to a hundred times).
  • Only need to add and update plugins/themes in one install instead of having to do this on multiple installs
  • Normally when you install WordPress, you have a folder of WordPress related files, and a single database. That’s it.