Vectr is excited to announce expanding into another platform: Linux Ubuntu! Now Vectr’s app is available for download for free using Ubuntu Snap so that anyone on Ubuntu could create beautiful vector graphics easily.

Ubuntu is an amazing and powerful platform used by millions of people. Vectr’s ultimate mission is making graphic design accessible and simple for anyone, worldwide, and making the app available on Ubuntu has been a great step forward for us.

What Is Vectr

Vectr is a free and intuitive vector graphics editor for web and desktop. Vectr is simple and accessible and yet works great for creating any kinds of professional high quality graphics: logotypes, business cards, UI mockups, brochures, banners and so on.

Vectr is collaborative. You can share unique project URL directly with your colleagues or friends, or post the project to social media. In the future Vectr is also going to support real-time Google-Docs style collaboration and built-in versioning. You can check more on how ambitious we are on the roadmap.

Soon we’re also planning to launch a marketplace of designs which is to allow users to buy and import ready-made design pieces in just one click. The core vectors editor is going to remain free forever though for anyone to unleash their creativity.

How To Install Vectr On Ubuntu

Installing Vectr is amazingly easy. You can install the app directly with the command line by executing sudo snap install vectr.

Vectr is currently also available online and on Mac, Windows and Chromebook. You can check out all the options on the downloads page.

Why Vectr Is Different

Vectr is different than most of the other graphic design apps. We are serious not only about creating a superior creative software product, but also about enabling anyone to design beautiful graphics.

We’ve been building an active community around the app of people who are both professional designers and amateurs, so they can exchange their knowledge and inspiration.

We’re also constantly working on growing our content base of tutorialswhich are helping hundreds of our users constantly improve and create something new.

What Is Ubuntu Snap

Vectr’s app for Ubuntu is accessible via a new packaging technology which guarantees that the app is fast, updates easily and never breaks. The packaging technology also provides a great level of app security and is very convenient for developers.

Since Vectr has been built using most modern and powerful technologies, Snap packaging was a perfect match for us.