No matter where you fall on the Windows vs. Mac vs. Linux debate, one thing remains true: you shouldn’t be forced to limit yourself to just one operating system. Of course, there are workarounds, like running a virtual machine, but they’re not always intuitive and can inhibit your programs’ performance.

CrossOver 17 allows you to launch Windows apps natively on your Mac or Linux computer without buying a Windows license, rebooting, or using a virtual machine, and it’s on sale for $19.

From productivity software to games, CrossOver 17 lets you operate Windows software at native speed and without any performance limitations. You can install Windows programs with a single click, and you don’t need to use Windows virus protection to access them. Plus, CrossOver 17 integrates seamlessly with your desktop environment, so you can get your new software up and running faster.

CrossOver 17 is available in Mac and Linux variants and typically retails for $39.95 each. But, today you can get it on sale for $19, saving more than half off the usual price.