When you create a new Gmail account it will ask to enter your personal mobile number for verification. For people who want to use only one account, there is no any problem. But the problem comes when you need to use multiple accounts because Google allows only 5 accounts for one mobile number.

Method: 1

  • Unlock your android device and go to settings option.
  • Scroll down and click on Accounts.
  • Tap on Add account and select Google option.
  • Now click on create a new Google account option.
  • Enter first name & last name and click on Next button.
  • Next, enter your birth date and gender and click on next.
  • Select your username and continue the process.
  • Now it asks you to enter your phone number.Simply skip this step.
  • That’s it your new Google account has been created without a phone number

When you create a new Google (Gmail) account it will ask to enter your personal mobile number for verification. you want to create a new Gmail account for your blog or your business, or you want a personal email address, but if you don’t really want to associate your Mobile Number with the account, then Google might not allow it sometimes. They will prompt you to enter the mobile number and verify that.

1. Method

  • It must be you have Android Mobile Phone

Step 1:- Go to the Mobile Setting and Click on Account, Setting->Account->

How to Create a Google Account Without Phone Number

Step 2:- Now click on Add Account

Step 3:- There is show different account, click on Google

Step 4:- Click on Create Account on the bottom

Step 5:- Fill the First and last Name click on Next Button

Step 6:- Choose a Username (You’ll use email to sign in to your Google Account)

Step 7:- Create Password and confirm password

Step 8:- Now at the Bottom click on Skip, Your Google successfully Created.

2. Method

Step 1:- Create New Gmail with Normal Process with A Single Mobile number. Or just use an old account which you created with Gmail account.

Step 2:- Now Login with your Gmail account which has been created with Mobile Number verification.

Step 3:- Click Image icon in the corner and click Google Account.

Step 4:- On the Left-hand side click on Personal info.

Step 5:- In Your personal info, click Phone option which contains a registered mobile number.

Step 6:- Next Click on edit option and remove the registered mobile number and confirm removal.

Step 7:- That’s it now your Number is new to create a new Gmail account. If you are Repeating this method multiple time Your number won’t get Blacklisted.