This article explains how to opt-out or cancel your subscription to Backup Manager. 

  • Learn how to cancel your Backup Manager subscription
  • Cancellation of Backup Manager must occur before your trial period ends
  • Cancellation is a simple, quick process from your Account Management Panel (AMP)

With the new Backup Manager, only $2/month gets you 10 GB of storage and only $1 per additional 10 GB of disk spaceManage the date and time schedule of your automated backup service by setting the backups to run daily, weekly, or even at a specific time. Once the backup is completed your data backup will be remotely stored at a secure InMotion Hosting location. This protects your backups from unplanned server issues.

Not only are you able to create full backups, but you can create separate partial backups as well. For example, you can backup a single database or specific folders and files that are updated often.

You can always perform a full or partial restoration of files and databases with just a click. To opt-out or cancel this service, you must do so before your trial period ends in order to avoid being charged for the ongoing service.  

Note: If you opt-out of the Backup Manager service we strongly recommend using an alternate backup solution such as the cPanel Backup Wizard, or the Total Upkeep plugin for WordPress.

Opt-Out or Cancel the Backup Manager Service

  1. Log into AMP.
  2. Click Billing at the top.
  3. Click the red X to the right of Backup Manager.
    NOTICE: You are forwarded to a confirmation page.
  4. Click the Submit button.

IMPORTANT: Once the cancellation is complete, the Backup Manager option located in cPanel will only include cPanel Backup and Backup Wizard options.