The transferred subscription, such as Google Workspace or Google Workspace Additional Storage, is treated as a new subscription, and you (the reseller) are billed for each subscription.

Requirements for a customer transfer

  • The customer can select the subscriptions to transfer to your reseller management, but there are limitations. A customer can choose to keep Google Voice or Chrome subscriptions with Google and transfer other subscriptions to you. For example, a customer can’t transfer only some of their Google Workspace subscriptions or only their Google Workspace Additional Storage licenses to you, but they can choose not to transfer their Google Voice or Chrome Enterprise Upgrade subscription to you.
  • You can resell all of a customer’s transferred services.
  • You can’t transfer customers who have Google Workspace for Nonprofits or the G Suite legacy free edition. They can upgrade to a paid edition of Google Workspace, and then transfer their account to your reseller management.

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