When you open up your Git Bash, you should be in your home directory by default. Now create the .bashrc file (if on Windows 7 the file should be named .bashrc.).

If you’re not in the home directory, change into it by typing:


and pressing Enter. cd, without any other parameters listed after, will always return the home directory.

You can create the file by typing:

touch .bashrc

Then edit it with Vim or you could try doing it with some Windows editor, but I don’t recommend it, because of some text formatting issues.

vim .bashrc

Change to Insert Mode by hitting the i key.

Add your alias by typing:

alias gs=’git status’

Exit the insert mode by hitting the Esc key.

Save and close your file by typing the following :wqEnter.

:wEnter will only save your file.

:q!Enter will quit the editor without saving your file.

Finally, update the file to use your new changes by typing:

source .bashrc