SEO: Moz Pro Review

Score: 4.5 Outstanding THE BOTTOM LINE Moz Pro has the most complete tool set we reviewed as part of this roundup and its metrics have become an industry standard even among marketers that use other tools. Overall, an easy pick for Editors’ Choice. $79.00 Per Month, Billed Annually Moz Pro PCMag editors select and review products independently. … Read more

Sending Email on WP Engine

While we manage many parts of your website hosting, default E-Mail functionality on WP Engine is limited. Normal emails, such as password resets, will not typically have any issues sending. However, for robust email functionality, monitoring and scalability, we highly suggest utilizing a 3rd party email host. This guide will explain email limits, why we … Read more

My SPF record won’t validate

Issue I set up an SPF record but it isn’t validating.  Conditions It is possible that your SPF record does not meet these necessary conditions to ensure Zendesk can send emails on your behalf:  The record contains explicitly within the TXT record The SPF record is configured as a TXT record The support address is present as an … Read more

How to Set Up SPF and DKIM for Mailchimp

Follow the steps below to set up SPF and DKIM for Mailchimp, so that your marketing emails are more likely to reach the inbox. This is a process also known as email domain authentication. How to set up SPF and DKIM for Mailchimp: Verify your domainMailchimp requires you to verify that you own the domain … Read more

Multiple SPF Records Do’s and Don’ts

Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is a protocol used by mail servers to authenticate emails. It is implemented via TXT type records known as SPF records. Earlier in “SPF Records Explained” we provided a detailed look into this concept. In this article, we’ll talk about practical matters and how to avoid common SPF issues. The focus … Read more