Dokuwiki – don’t forget the IIS permissions when restoring data folder from a backup

To make the files in the data and conf directory writable you need to give “Write” access to the Internet Guest Account (IUSR_computername) or the appropriate web server group (like IIS_WPG). This is done through the right-click context menu on folders and files chosing “Properties” and selecting the “security” tab. Upgrade packages are zipped in … Read more

Configuring Vista IIS 7.0

Before installing the .NET Framework 3.5 (which is needed if you are running ASP.NET 3.5 applications), users must perform the following two steps to enable ASP.NET applications: Each IIS 7.0 application pool that runs an ASP.NET application must be explicitly configured using the .NET Framework version that matches the version of ASP.NET used for the application. … Read more