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How to start Ubuntu in Console mode

I want to know if there is a way to switch to console mode from boot menu. I’ve NVIDIA 1070 and every time there is an update, GUI stops working. All I need to do is re-install the drivers however … Read more

VyprVPN OpenVPN Setup for Linux (Ubuntu)

VyprVPN Free accounts are limited to using our Desktop and Mobile applications to connect to our VPN service. Please see “What is VyprVPN Free?” for more information.

Follow the steps below to configure OpenVPN on your Ubuntu machine. … Read more

Securely Connect to Linux Instances Running in a Private Amazon VPC

Important note: You should enable SSH agent forwarding with caution. When you set up agent forwarding, a socket file is created on the forwarding host, which is the mechanism by which the key can be forwarded to your destination. Another … Read more

How to configure cron jobs to run python script

Just use crontab -e and follow the tutorial here:

Look at point 3 for a guide on how to specify the frequency.

Based on your requirement, it should effectively be:

*/10 * * * * /usr/bin/python
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SUDO resets path and environment variables

Sudo resets PATH, along with many other environment variables, for security reasons. It doesn’t matter what is set in /etc/profile, unless you run sudo -i.

The sudo manual page, under SECURITY NOTES, gives an insight about the security implications, along … Read more

HP8440P laptop login loop on Ubuntu 16.04

If you’ve been successfully running 16.04 with your video driver before, but the login loop issue happens after the latest software update, try this, it worked for me after trying EVERYTHING else. This is the equivalent of searching for “additional … Read more

HP8440P laptop screen flickers on Ubuntu 16.04

This laptop has 2 graphic card options.

Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD

In order to know which one you have, open a terminal and type:

sudo lshw -C display

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Google Font Directory
Here’s a script that can be used to download and install all the Google Web Fonts. 

What the script does is download all the fonts from Google Font Directory (it includes around hundreds of fonts, each with many variations that
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